Who we are

About us

We see talents and foster them! We break boundaries and we forge new paths! Why?

Because we can, and want to!

The Duisburg workshop for people with disabilities gGmbH was founded on 19 November 1973.

Location: 47055 Duisburg, Kalkweg 10 e



We are well positioned with our women’s representative, our workshop council, our security officer and a jointly created, well thought-out mission statement.

We see talents and strengths and think in terms of solutions. People with disabilities are doing great things. We make the world more diverse and innovative with our offerings and projects. We do not just talk about inclusion, we live it. We overcome boundaries, enrich society and inspire – always respectfully and responsibly. When dealing with resources, sustainability and appreciation are important to us. We have goals, and we implement them. We love life and shape the future.


Mission statement

1. We are at the forefront of introducing the capacities of people with disabilities into society.

2. We are a role model for how we treat all human and environmental resources sustainably.

3. We treat each other in a friendly, self-confident and equal way, always with respect and trust.

4. We are groundbreaking in the diversity of our offerings, always considering the individual strengths of people with disabilities.

5. We are capable people who support people with disabilities, and work happily together to produce quality products.

6. As a certified company, we offer people with disabilities tailor-made training as a springboard for a self-determined life in society.

7. We offer modern, professional workplaces with a pleasant atmosphere in appealing spaces.

8. We are constantly improving our own high standards with new attractive concepts for people with disabilities.

9. We also give people quality of life through expert care and support, and cooperation is the basis of our activities.



DU-Neudorf, Kalkweg 10

DU-Neumühl, Hölscherstr. 23

DU-Röttgersbach, Schlachthofstr. 44

SEPOS-Großenbaum, Albert-Hahn-Str. 13

Der Kleine Prinz - Café Restaurant, Schwanenstraße 5

Ars Vivendi – Shop, Tonhallenstr. 11

Ziegenpeter - Restaurant at the Rheinpark, Liebigstraße 70

FahrradWerkstatt - Kalkweg 24



City of Duisburg 50 %

Lebenshilfe Duisburg e.V. 25 %

Verein für Menschen mit Körper- und Mehrfachbehinderung Duisburg e.V. (The Duisburg Association for People with Physical and Multiple Disabilities e.V.)  25 %

We are winners!

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